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Note Calculator

4.6 ( 6416 ratings )
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개발자: Everyday Tools, LLC
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Note Calculator is a perfect nice calculator app that allows you to take notes.

Its a perfect combo for pupils and students as well as for entrepreneurs and people who deal with money or just numbers on a daily basis.

Use the icons on the top to choose color of pencil, its thickness, to take the eraser, to choose the calculator or notes mode. Take notes by handwriting on the paper, slide between the notes using your finger.

A universal two-in-one tool for all the people who value good accessibility and rational freedom to choose some options of taking short notes. Note Calculator makes it easy to switch between stickers for note taking and calculator for dealing with numbers.

Whether you are about to write a short note to self or find out how much money you need to buy all the things on your buy-list, Note Calculator will come in handy. You also can enter the whole buy-list right in the app, so you can easily switch between two modes and eventually do two things simultaneously!